Какие летние вещи не стоит носить

Summer is the only time when you can afford to wear a minimum of clothes, allow your body to breathe. But even in such conditions, many women manage to spoil their image with things that not only went out of fashion, but became anti-trends.

Half a summer has already passed, and on the streets you can meet women who are still singing odes from 2007–2010. Because they look much older than their age.

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Fashion is cyclical, but there are things that are already difficult to attach somewhere this season. The editors of “So Simple!” Will tell you what things need to be put off to the far shelf. Sometimes it is enough to clean the wardrobe for a stylish and trendy summer look rather than buy new clothes.

Antitrands of summer 2019
Very short shorts
Ultra-low-rise shorts went out of fashion 5 years ago. But they are still worn by both teenage girls and ladies of all sizes. This model gives all the flaws of the figure and often looks vulgar. It is better to wear free-cut shorts with a high waist – elegant and not hot. Such a model can be advantageously combined not only with T-shirts and T-shirts, but also with light blouses.
What summer clothes are not worth wearing © DepositPhotos

Fluffy skirts and transparent dresses 2 years ago were at all polls. But due to an excess of similar images on the streets, in 2019 they automatically turned into an anti-trend. So it’s time to give preference to things made of cotton or flax, which look noble and allow the body to breathe.
What summer clothes are not worth wearing © DepositPhotos

Ripped jeans
Together with extremely short shorts from the wardrobe is to remove jeans, in which there are more holes than fabrics. This is the last century. You can safely use them for walks in the country, but they are no longer suitable for everyday life.
Small scuffs are classics, but holes and cuts on the knees have sunk into the past. Already the 3rd year in fashion free-cut plain jeans with a high fit.

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