Полицейские думали, что это детский розыгрыш. Но внезапно они догадались, что там происходит

Police officers have been training for years to achieve a high level of professionalism. They must be in good physical shape and are ready for a variety of situations. The police in many countries are equipped with the latest technology, law enforcement officers use the most advanced technology to track and catch violators. But sometimes it happens that help from ordinary people is a decisive factor.

And here is a typical example. “Awesome Dozen” – a group of children from Surrey, near London. These children aged 6 to 12 years participated in the Easter “egg hunt”, during which a police helicopter circling above them was noticed. Soon, a suspicious man ran nearby, who clearly did not want to be noticed.

It was obvious that he had confused the police because the helicopter had changed direction and was about to fly. A little more and the offender would be able to escape. What happened next shows the irregularity of children’s thinking and the speed of reaction. This is usually not the strength even for professionals!

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