Почему стоит потакать всем прихотям беременной жены » ?

There is an opinion that pregnancy is something akin to a long vacation. “Why, she doesn’t do anything for days, but also indulge her whims!” – some men say about their pregnant wives. Probably the reason for such indignation is that many, for the most part, men do not fully understand this phenomenon, because they did not have the opportunity to feel such a state for themselves.

Why is it worth indulging all the whims of a pregnant wife © Depositphotos

Meanwhile, Duke University scientists began to study human endurance, during which they found that pregnant women are more enduring than any professional athlete. Increased endurance in women is observed due to the fact that they have to overcome the many difficulties of pregnancy continuously, exactly 24 hours a day.

Why is it worth indulging all the whims of a pregnant wife © Depositphotos

The editors of “So Easy!” Thoroughly studied the issue of pregnancy and undertook to dispel the stereotypical myth about the special status of a woman, which suggests that pregnancy is a vacation.

Loads during pregnancy
According to the same scientists from Duke University, pregnancy can be equated to a permanent marathon run. “This is one of the most extreme experiences that a person can endure,” they say.

The study focused on the basic rate of human metabolism. It showed that our body can not withstand the speed of more than 2.5 times without gradual destruction. People who run marathons, even reach the highest level of metabolism, but this happens not for long. At the end of the run, the athlete can rest and fully recover


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