50 вещей, которые доказывают что Канада — это уникальная страна

Each country is unique and distinctive in its own way, in order to keep in the heart as many positive points as possible about holidays in Canada, we recommend:

Niagara Falls
1. Enjoy Niagara Falls, which is one of the three largest, most majestic and beautiful in the world.

road, Canada
2. Take a tour of the famous Cabot Trade Road. You can get to it from Cape Breton Highlands

hockey hall of fame in toronto canada
3. To see the real hockey hall of fame in Toronto, which is famous for the Stanley Cup

television tower, Canada
4. To rise to the top of the tallest television tower in the world, with a magnificent view of Toronto

bears, Canada
5. View the polar bear migration to Churchill

festival in Calgary, Canada
6. Become part of the Calgary Cowboy Festival

shopping, Canada
7. Go shopping in the largest shopping center in the world in Edminton.

Provincial Park Daynosor, Canada
8. Get into the history of the origin of dinosaurs in the park of the same name, located in Alberta.

Banff Preserve, Canada
9. Canoeing through Banff Nature Reserve

Quebec, Canada
10. Sense deja vu while in Quebec. Due to the unique architectural structures, this city is called “a piece of France from North America.”

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